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PragmaEdge Community Manager (PCM) has the ability of maintaining the audit trails on Work Flows and Trading Partner/Application menu. This helps in governing the set up created in PCM. The audit details provide the detailed notes on what changes are being made and who has made the change.

Trading Partner/ Application
Traverse to the Partner/Application Menu -> Manager Partner and look for the partner for which we need to check the audit

Once the partner is selected, select the Actions and go to View Partner

Once the partner view is displayed, go to the Activity Tab

This has all the audit details with respect to the particular partner.

The same can be done, for Applications as well.

Work Flows

The audit functionality is also available for the Work Flows. It helps in finding out what changes are made for the work flow and who has made the changes.

Go to the Data Flows menu -> Build Work Flow and select the appropriate Partner and Application.
Now, select the Activity tab

This will provide us with the detailed information on when the activity was made, who made the modification and what was the modification. In this way, we can have a clear track of the changes which are being done in our system.

Updated on November 8, 2018

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