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How to End to End View – Setting Correlation?

The correlation is one of the major aspect in the B2B flow. It helps in identifying the various transactions based on the correlation values.
e.g: If we want to find all the transactions related to a specific Purchase Order Number – We can set the PO Number as the correlation and it helps in finding the file in PCM through the correlation search.

We can set up a maximum of 25 correlation values in PCM.
To set up the correlation, go to the Settings -> Correlation Names

This presents the page, where we can set up the correlation names as per our requirement. Whatever name we give here will appear in the End to End Visibility of the transactions.

Go to the File Transfers -> Search and select any file and click on the Actions->View Details

This gives you the details about the file. In addition, you will find the Correlation Details also. It contains all the Correlation Names which we set earlier. If any data is loaded into the correlation through Sterling Map, it will view the data or else it will be blank.

The same correlation which is set can be used for searching purpose as well. Go to the File Transfers -> Search and click the + Show/Hide Advanced Search

This helps in displaying the transactions which have the correlation values searched.


If we have 850, 855, 856, 810 transactions for a customer and we have the PO Number as correlation set for all the transactions. When we search with the PO Number as explained above, it displays us all various transactions which has the PO Number set as correlation.

That’s how the correlation helps in the end to end visibility for tracking the files.

Setting Correlation:

The correlation has to be sent in the Sterling Map. While performing the translation, we can add the extra logic to include in the PCM Correlation fields in the map.

In the map, we usually add the correlation values (PO Number, Invoice number) into the Sterling Correlation Data. In addition to that, we can include the logic for adding it to the PCM Correlation values.

As per our PCM Correlation Setting which we discussed above, we have the PO Number as Correlation Value 1, Invoice Number as Correlation Value 5. The same has to be used on developing the logic in map for making the value appear in the PCM Correlation.

Based on the Correlation Names set in PCM, we can include the logic and match the appropriate correlation value to the required fields. e.g: If PO Number is set as the first Correlation Name in PCM, then in the map we have to set the PO Number value to Correlation Value 1 and so on.

Please refer the below link for more details


Once it is all set, the values coming in the data will be visible in the transaction view details on the appropriate correlation text box.

Updated on August 4, 2019

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