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End to End Visibility – Search Transactions

End to End visibility – Go to File Transfers> SEARCH>Search for Transaction Information as shown in the below Screenshot.

next> once you click on transaction search you will land on below screen shot

Explanation on Each Search criteria: 

File Arrived: Provide the date and time you that you require to search in particular time and date.


Transfer Type: You can select TYPE OF FILE MFT OR DOC HADLING Doc Type: Type of Document whether it is EDI/X12, EDIFACT, FLAT FILE,XML. 

Status: Success or failed 

Source protocol: you can choose different protocols according to search criteria as below screen shot from drop down list .


 Partner: We can search by entering partner Name in the search option 

 Application: Provide Application ID 

 Sender ID: Trading partner id if it is inbound file , Client ID if it is Outbound file. 

 Receiver ID: Client ID if it is inbound file, Trading partner id if it is Outbound file. 

 Error Status: if we know any error status we can search by same error. 

 Src file Name: If we know source filename we can search using the file name 

 Dest. File Name: If we know destination/ processed filename we can search using the file name 

FileName RegExp: We can search file based on the regular expression


If you can click on Show/Hide advance search option then you will get PO number, Batch Number, ship id,Batch Id,Invoice No, Check Number, Manifest Number, SPA number- search values if you have any of the number for different transactions or documents both inbound and outbound. 

For better results you can also use * symbol on any of the search criteria if you are not 100 % sure on the value you referring to. 

If you click on search activity it will provide you necessary results . 

Dest Protocol : Similar to source protocol we need to choose which protocol we need to search as shown in the below screen shot 

We can download the files in PCM itself by clicking hyperlink on Src.FileName input file and for translated file we can download at Dest.File Name. 

Apart from search activity Pragma Edge Community Manager has flexibility to Reprocess the file ,Re-pick the file ,Re-drop the file ,Transaction Log ,Transaction Details without going to sterling Integrator .  




Updated on January 8, 2020

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