Navigation is the part,where we put down on where to access the various activities which can be performed in the PragmaEdge Community Manager (PCM).

Once you login, you will be taken to the Home Page, which is nothing but the File Transfers Tab.

File Transfers

This is where, you can search for any transactions which has been processed. It helps in finding the transactions/files with various criteria such as between particular time frame, partner name, filename filter, transaction name etc. The file transfers also has the capability to search for transactions using the correlation values set.

To know more about the usage of this, please go to the below link

End to End Visibility – Search Transactions

Next to this, you will find the Reports Tab


This is the option, where we can create reports and view it based on various criteria. There are various kinds of reports under this menu. The reports are based on the transactions which has been processed.

It has the option of all Data Flow, where you can search and look out for all the workflows which are set up for the particular partner, transaction etc based on the criteria.

In addition, it also helps in creating the 997 Ack Overdue report, which provides with the transaction details for which the acknowledge hasn’t been received within the allotted threshold time.

Also, we could find reports based on the Transactions Volume, which gives us the report based on the number of transactions received for the particular partner or document type etc based on the criteria and report we select.

To know more about the reports, please click on the below link


Next, we will find the Partner tab.


Pragma Edge Community Manager provides the ability to set up the partners, through wide variety of protocols.

The protocols includes S FTP, SMTP, FTP, FTPS, Mailbox, AS2, HTTP, HTTPS, MQ, SAP, Web Service, File System and Existing Connection.

In addition, we have the option of creating AS2 Relationship, which helps in linking the AS2 Partner with the AS2 Organisation.

Also, there is Manage Partner option, which helps to search for the created partners and edit and to activate and deactivate the partners.

To know more about this, kindly follow the below link

Trading Partner / Application – FTP

Next, we will find the Envelopes menu.


Pragma Edge Community Manager also has the ability to create Envelopes. Envelopes are created to validate the EDI transactions based on the customer IDs and other details.

To know more about Envelopes, kindly go to the below link


In addition, PCM also helps in Manage X12, where we can edit the already created X12 envelopes based on the customer requirements. e.g: we may have to change the version or the usage indicator as such.

To know more about the Envelope Option in PCM, follow the below link

How to setup envelopes in PCM

Next, we will come across the Application menu.


Application is a back end application from where we will pick up the files and drop the files to the ERP system. We will use this application reference in the outbound workflows. It has the similar functionality like the Partners by allowing to create applications with various protocols such as Mailbox, File System, FTP, SAP etc.

In addition, it also has the Manage Application option, which is used to edit the already created application and also for activating and deactivating it.

Please click the below link for more details

Trading Partner / Application – FileSystem

Next, we will find the Data Flow menu.

Data Flows

The data flow is the option, where we link the trading partner with the application and select the transactions and the process which has to be executed between them.

It includes the Build Work Flow option, which is the key in building flexible process that are required between a trading partner and application. Once the trading partner information is created and the required application are created, the workflow is build to transfer the files to and from.

To know more, please follow the below link,

Build Workflows Inbound / Outbound

In addition, we have the option of Create Rule, which is used to create a new rule by assigning any business process which is related to it.

Please click the below link for more information

Custom Rule in PCM

Also, we have the option of Manage Rule, which helps in modifying any of the already created rules. e.g. To add one more property to the rule, changing the business process of the rule as such.

Next, we will find the Access Management menu.

Access Management

This option helps in creating new users, who can access the PCM as an admin or user role. Also, the various other options can be set up like which partner details can be seen by the user etc. It also helps in managing the created users, to modify the user details and the roles.

In addition, it also has the menu of Manage B2Bi Users, which enables the modification of the users which are created in Sterling Integrator.

To know more about the Users, please click below

Also, it has the menu of Create Groups, which is used for creating groups. Groups are nothing but collective of permissions which can be defined as a group.

To know more about the Groups, please click below

In addition, PCM also allows us to Manage Groups, which helps in modifying the groups. e.g. We may have to remove a permission from group or rename the group etc.

To know more about the access management in PCM, please use the below link

Access Management

Finally, we have the Setting menu.


The settings menu allows us to create Correlation Names. In PCM, We can configure up to 25 correlation names and those are done here. The correlations are used to uniquely identify a file transfer.Based on the correlation names, the values are assigned appropriately.

Please click the below link for more details

End to End View – Setting Correlation

Updated on December 26, 2018

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