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How to change the Custom Log in Status?

When a PCM transaction is failed, it has the ability to change its status. The available statues are as below.



  1. Success – When the PCM transaction is success
  2. Failed – When the PCM transaction or process failed due to some error
  3. Reprocessed – The status is changed to ‘Reprocessed’ when the transaction or process has been reprocessed through PCM.
  4. MarkedSuccess – A Custom status where a user can mark a transaction as ‘MarkedSuccess’ when a failed PCM transaction can be considered as success.
  5. ManuallyReprocessed – The status can be updated by the PCM user manually when he fetches the BPID from PCM and reprocess in B2BI.
  6. No Action required – PCM automatically updates the status to ‘No Action required’ when a transaction is failed due to any protocol GET process or any process without the partner name, source file name and destination file name.

The user can categorize the failed transaction according to their wish. There will be a drop down at the status for a failure transaction where the user is able to catagorize the transaction.

Please find the screenshot below.


The PCM user is suppose to give a comment on the PCM record while changing from ‘Failed’ to any other available statuses as shown in the below screenshot.


Updated on August 3, 2019

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