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Regular Expression & Examples

Regular Expressions are a sequence of characters that define a search pattern. The search pattern is majorly used while processing the MFT flows.It helps in allowing only the files with the names which matches the regular expression pattern provided in the setup.

The regular expression mentioned while creating the Data Flow will be matched again the name of the input file passed using the REGEXP_LIKE function supported by the database. Also, a java task is used in the Sterling Business Process which utilizes the java util, lang classes and pattern function to match the filename with the regular expression.

The below are few regular expression examples

Regular Expression Description
[A-Z][a-z][09] The file can contain any capital, small alphabets and any numeric values
^[A-Z,a-z] Must start with alphabets
^[A-Z] Must start with any capital alphabets
^[0-9] Must start with any number
(^ELR)*(EDI$) Must start with ELR and end with EDI. It can have anything in between that
(^ELR)*EDI*.txt Must start with ELR and end with .txt. It should have the string EDI in between them
(ELR(P|Q))*.txt Must start with ELR and can contain either P or Q and then followed by anything and ends with .txt

We can use similar kind of regular expression, based on our requirements.

Updated on November 5, 2018

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