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How to generate a Reports?

Data Flow:

This Report is to search across all the created Workflows

Enter all fields to get particular data and you can also search by giving at least one filed data.

After filling the required data click on the Search button to get the results.

Filter Option will be used to filter anything from the results according to search.

You can also export all workflows by clicking on green button EXPORT ALL WORKFLOWS as shown in the below screenshot.

997 Over Due:

This Report gives the list of transactions which have the Acknowledge Status as Overdue. In EDI, during the Enveloping process, we have an option of expecting the Acknowledge back. When that option is checked, it looks for the Acks and once the threshold timeline is reached, it sets the status as overdue.

The Report shows the list of transactions, for which we haven’t received the acknowledgements within the mentioned time frame.

We have few additional filter options, which can be used to streamline the report. It helps us in filtering based on Transaction, Partner name, Sender ID, Receiver ID etc.

Transaction Reports:

It will give similar options as Transaction Search but once you provide search by giving particular value it will generate reports based on values provided.

Please review below screenshot as it will give individual reports for Transaction activity, Transaction report.

Transaction Volume Report:

To view all the trading partner high-level reports over a period of time on success and failure volumes.

Once the required start and end date is provided in the text box click on Generate reports getting the results.

It will provide success and failure reports,

% of how many inbound and outbound transactions

Each inbound/outbound transaction in detail and report shows individual transaction percentage.

View the below screenshots for a better understanding of transaction volume reports.

Document type Reports:

This reports will provide which type of documents processed over a time period and it will show report as a percentage of each document processed.

Volume by partners:

It will provide all partners who are on boarded over a period of time as per the search in partner volume reports start and end dates.

We can get the partners list according to the select button size and count.

Updated on August 4, 2019

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