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Trading Partner / Application – Exisiting Connection

Trading Partner – Existing Connection

Existing connection means the partner is getting files from a existing connection that is already established for a partner. The partners which are using common mailboxes will setup with existing connection Scenarios:
VAN Partners
Email partners
B2B Partners
If multiple TP’s are using same mailbox , then one partner we will setup with mailbox protocol and rest will setup with existing connection.



Property  Description 
 Partner Id  Provide Valid Trading Partner ID to identify the Trading Partner in Partner ID section Partner id is the application id that is utilized. (Oracle ID, SAP ID) 
Email Id  Provide the email ID of the trading partner contact for the reference 
Phone Number  Provide the Phone number of the Trading Partner Contact 
Status  Provide the status of the partner whether the partner is Active or Inactive 
Protocol  Select the existing partner protocol from the drop down list. 
Protocol Reference  Select the existing partner protocol reference from the drop down list

Application – Existing Connection

The process for creating an application which uses existing connection is similar to how we created the Trading Partner with existing connection above.

Updated on June 3, 2019

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