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Trading Partner/Application – HTTPS

Trading Partner – HTTPS

HTTPS (Hyper Text transfer protocol Secure). All the HTTPS partners use this protocol. Here HTTPS details like In mailbox, Outbound URL, Polling Interval and Certificate should be provided.  



Property  Description 
Partner Name  Provide Partner Name 
 Partner Id  Provide Valid Trading Partner ID to identify the Trading Partner in Partner ID section Partner id is the application id that is utilized.(Oracle ID, SAP ID) 
Email Id  Provide the email ID of the trading partner contact for the reference 
Phone Number  Provide the Phone number of the Trading Partner Contact 
In Mailbox  Directly where the files are picked up from on the Inbound
Certificate Id  Provide CA Certificate in the drop down,other wise upload the certificate to the system. 
Polling Interval  Provides the interval in which we need to collect the files 
Adapter Name  Provide HTTPS adapter name in the PCM 

Application – HTTPS

The process for creating an application which uses HTTPS is similar to how we created the Trading Partner with HTTPS above.

Updated on June 3, 2019

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