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Trading Partner / Application – FTP

Trading Partner – FTP

FTP(File transfer Protocol), which is a communication protocol used to Pull and Push files. Where all the FTP related partners use this and provide necessary details as shown in below screen shot.

Here we will provide the details


Partner Name Provide the Trading Partner Name
  Provide Valid Trading Partner ID to identify the Trading Partner in Partner ID section 
Partner Id  Partner id is the application id that is utilised. (Oracle ID, SAP ID) 
Email Id  Provide the email ID of the trading partner contact  for the reference 
Phone Number  Provide the Phone number of the Trading Partner Contact 
Status  Provide the status of the partner whether the partner is Active or Inactive 
Host Name  Host Name used to the FTP Server to which we are connecting to 
Port Number  Port number of the FTP Server to which we are connecting to 
Transfer type  Type of the transfer (Binary / ASCII) 
User ID  User Id that is used to connect to the FTP server 
Password  Password that is used to connect to the FTP server 
Delete after collection  Delete the file after collecting the files from the connected server 
In Directory  Directly where the files are picked up from on the Inbound 
Out Directory  Directly where the files are dropped on the outbound 
Polling Interval  Provides the interval in which we need to collect the files 
Create user in SI  It will a create user in Sterling Integrator 
Create Directory in SI  It will create a directory in Sterling Integrator 

In case, if we have to use the user and directory of our SI machine. We can provide any existing ones which are manually created.

Please find the below link for more details

Access Management

If we are to give new details, we can provide the same and click on the Create User in SI and Create Directory in SI check boxes. This will invoke the API which automatically creates the mentioned user and directory in Sterling Integrator.

Application – FTP

The process for creating an application which uses FTP is similar to how we created the Trading Partner with FTP above.

Updated on June 4, 2019

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