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Access Management

Create User:

Enter all details about the user which you want to create in PCM.


Admin Role: Admin will have all access to all partners and groups available in PCM and able to Manage(create edit delete capabilities )and all functional access is given to the admin role.

User Role: User will have access only to the assigned partners and groups. The only user can search the transactions according to which partners user has access.

Only particular partners, partner files are visible to the user as restricted by Admin.


If Status is Active then User/Admin can log in to the PCM. If User/Admin is Inactive then PCM will not allow User/Admin to log in to the portal.

User Type:

If we check B2B checkbox then we are able to assign partners and groups to the user.

By default, B2B is checked in the Create User page as shown in the below screenshot.

Assign Partners:

You can assign partners from the available list of partners and click on the forward arrow to move all the available partners to assigned partners.

Also, partners can be moved using the arrows available in PCM.

Assign Groups :

Groups can be created by clicking on create a group and enter required Group name details and assign partners to the group and click on Save Group.

Once Partners and Groups are assigned to user click on save user info button to save user to PCM.

Manage User:

Provide User details which you need to search or you can also click on direct search button to get list of all users.

Manage B2BI Users:

This Section will provide all the user information created in Sterling integrator.

You can also click on edit to edit and manage users to assign partners and group access to users.

Manage Group:

All the groups can be managed in this section and also groups can be edited according to the requirement by ADMIN.

Edit Group :

Group can be edited by entering below details and using forward and backward arrows partners can be moved to available and assigned partners. Click on Save Group to save changes.

Updated on August 5, 2019

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