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What is new in Version 6.5?

What is new 

  • Trading Partner Audit log
  • Application Audit Log
  • Workflow audit log
  • Set the status of the transaction
  • view activity log for each transaction
  • configurable correlation search, added up to 25 columns
  • New Reports 
    • 997 reports
  • Ability to add the permissions by the group 
  • Watson Integration for reports 
  • Docker ready application to be enabled for cloud deployments 

With API

  • Ability to create partners with API in SFG – FTP, FTPS, SFTP, AS2
  • Ability to create mailboxes, upload certs and assign permissions with out going into IBM Sterling B2B Integrator 
  • Ability to reprocess,  drop files with multi select 
  • ITXA integration for advanced mapper
  • IBM Control Center Integration with REST API 
  • IBM Partner engagement manager API
  • BlockChain Integration 
Updated on August 5, 2019

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