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Why PCM? – Overview

G.O.O.D at Solving Customer Challenges

Pragma Edge Community Manager (PCM)- A Single application simplifying business and operational functions of your B2B Gateway.


  • End to end view of transfer activity
  • Correlation search of related files, transactions
  • Single audit view of change detials and activity
  • Simplified view of customer configurations
  • Partition customer data views to be compliant



  • Single configurator for all onboarding needs
  • Configurator supports, no-code custom flows
  • Customer self-service and PEM APIs
  • EDI De/Enveloping SimplifiedSame map setup regardless of B2BI or ITXA




  • Simplified operational interface for all activities
  • Customizations are configurations
  • Delegated adminstration of data and duties
  • All BPs and workflows configurable
  • Quickly identify root cause of errors
  • Delegated Administration partitions customers, data and duties to appropriate staff




  • All transfer protocols configured on one screen
  • MFT and B2B handled though the same process
  • Handle X12, EDIFACT, XML, Flat files and any dataOne configurator regardless of map source
  • High performance data correlation function


Updated on June 3, 2019

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